• Lifestyle Change

    doTerra Essential Oils Review

    **Not a Sponsor**. This video is a video of doTerra Essential Oils and how I utilize them. I start off by reviewing briefly last week’s video of the 1up Nutrition unboxing and product review. This [...]
  • 1up Nutrition

    1up Nutrition Unpacking

    Here is my replay of the 1up Nutrition unpacking live stream video I did. I briefly go over the items that 1up Nutrition sent over which included Whey Protein, BCAAs, Pre-workout packages and a sample [...]
  • VEDA - April 2017

    Online Activity Alerts – Day 5 of #VEDA

    I am breaking away from what I originally planned for Day 5 of #VEDA. I had received an e-mail alert of a declined transaction that I did not even make at at major retailer’s web [...]

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