January 24, 2022


Welcome to my actual first blog episode documenting my health and lifestyle change journey. Today I discuss what tools I am currently utilizing to record and monitor my weightless journey.

Health & Fitness Equipment Used:
– Withings Move – Step tracking and workout watch
– Withings Thermo – Body temperature thermometer
– Withings Body+ – Scale that measures weight, bone density, water weight, muscle density
– Withings BPM Connect – Blodd pressure monitor and heart rate taker
– Withings Sleep – Sleep tracker mat that records REM, Light Heavy sleep patters, heart rate, snoring, and sleep disturbances
– iHealth Pulse Oximeter – measures blood oxygen levels along with heart rate

Health & Fitness Apps via my iPhone 6s Plus
– Withings Health Mate
-Apple Health
-MyFitnessPal by Under Armour
-iHealth for the pulse oximeter

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