A Step to Better Time Management

This is my first post over on my web site for my holding company, Thurow Media. What a first post to start out with, huh? Yes cleaning is a key important element to organization and de-stressing yourself from the everyday hustle. As I truly believe that hustling makes for the successful business journeyman. If you truly want to be successful in any business at all, you must come to a strong realization that the hustle is a journey. If you truly and honestly put forth the hustle, your journey will be prosperous.

The first element to your hustle is cleaning and organization. Having a clean and organized work place, and home, can save you time that could otherwise be spent on your hustle. The reason for the above-posted video is that the host Melissa Maker has written a book that can be a strong component to this first element of your hustle entitled, “Clean My Space”.

Now in the book and from her experiences from her own cleaning business, Melissa outlines the rooms of a house and breaks down key elements to help prioritize and simplify the cleaning and organizing process to that particular room of the house.

The methods in the book can not only apply to your residence, but it can also apply to your vehicle and work space. One can have a much simpler journey in their hustle as far as time management goes with a clean and organized work space, that more time can be spent with the daily grind of your hustle. Basic simple things in life can play the utmost important part of one’s journey to the ultimate prize. Oh and as a side note, having this book as a very useful tool at home, can only help out with pleasing the spouse and/or significant other when it comes to going home after your grind at work to a clean and organized personal space.

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