March 22, 2023

New Challenge Accepted

Welcome to my first blog of my new weekly blog updates.  My blogs will be in both written and audio formats.  This is separate from my video blogs also known as vlogs and separate from my video podcasts also known as VidCasts.  The blogs and vlogs will be done as a way to journal my new endeavor in my weightless journey.  They will be updated weekly and can be read, heard or viewed all on my web site.  The blogs can also be read over on MyFitnessPal’s blog section.  The audio version will not be available on MyFitnessPal as it does not allow for embedding of neither audio or video files.  My vlogs will be recorded for the most part via my iPhone 11 and then uploaded to both my channels on Rumble and YouTube.  I will then have them available on my web site .  As for my VidCasts, I look to have people on as guests who are involved with the tools and equipment that I am utilizing throughout not only this challenge, but my entire weightless journey.

So with that said, I recently made the decision to go all in on a challenge that not only is for the improvement of one’s physical health but mental health as well.  I am speaking of the 75 Hard Challenge as established by Andy Frisella, the owner of 1st Phorm Supplements and Athleisure clothing.

As I sit here writing this blog entry, it is Day 4 on the challenge.  The challenge entails that you 100 percent accomplish the tasks listed on the accompaning mobile app.  The challenge does not ask of you to accomplish a lot of tasks, but does ask that you are honest in accomplishing these tasks.  Otherwise; you need to go back to day one of the challenge and start with a clean slate.

The seven tasks include: Taking a Daily Progress Picture, First 45 minute Workout, Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction Book, Drink 1 Gallon (128 fl oz) of Water, Follow a Clean Diet, Second 45-minute Workout , and No Cheat Meals nor Alcohol.  For the workouts, you can do both outdoors, but you cannot do both indoors. For example, first indoors, then the second must be outdoors.  If the first is outdoors, then the second can either be indoors or outdoors again.  In addition, they cannot be back to back workouts.  They must be spaced out throughout the day.

I will be utilizing this blog for weekly updates on my progress in weightloss and how I am physically and emotionally feeling.  This will also happen in video format over on my Rumble and YouTube channels.  Plus I look to restart my VidCast section of those channels by possibly having on other participants in the program, some 1st Phorm Athletes, Nutritionists, Persons involved in the products and services that I am using throughout this challenge and my weightloss journey and Andy Frisella himself (hopefully).

Now for the numbers, I will be coming back in 3 days with a full week’s update since it has only been 3 days this far.  But as for now, here is where I stand:

75 Hard Challenge Starting Day – Friday, May 6, 2022

My starting weight was 402.8 pounds.  Upon waking up for Day 4 on Monday, May 9, 2022 (today), my weight is 400.4 pounds.  My overall weightloss is at 2.4 pounds.  I shall return on here with my first week’s update on Friday, May 13, 2022 and then continue forward weekly.

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