March 22, 2023

Here is the first video launching my newly rebranded video series, The Eric Thurow Show. My rebranding of my video channel, which was solely on YouTube, is now available on Rumble, IGTV, and Facebook Watch.

My intention of this rebranding is to recommit myself to document my health and lifestyle change. As of right now, doctors will consider me to obese and approximately 200 pounds overweight. This is just from a weight standpoint and not using the BMI scale. I will not be utilizing the obsolete and completely inaccurate BMI scale to judge my weightless health journey. Instead, I will be utilizing, as of right now, my mobility, energy levels, and ultimately inches lost. Once I get closer to my soon to be determined weight goal, that is healthy for both my height and weight, I will then utilize a more medically founded measurement tool to determine my overall health and body status.

in this journey, I will be utilizing some connected health monitoring and measurement tools. Most of the tools are from Withings USA. They include the Move watch top track my steps and exercises, BPM+ to track my overall blood pressure and heart rate, Thermo to track of my body temperature, and Sleep a mat to track my overall sleep health. In addition to Withings USA, I will be using a pulse oximeter from iHealth. All of these devices will be connected to my iPhone via their respected apps. But the centralized location for a all-in-one health app will be the Health Mate app from Withings. This app will keep a record and detail explanation of all the devices connected to my phone.

in addition to my health accountability videos, I will be having special guests on my channel and over on my podcast platforms. The guests will be people who are themselves involved in the fitness and health industry or on a weightless mission in their own right.

I, in advance appreciate any and all support one will show on my journey. For some of the more behind the scenes look, please be sure to also follow me on my social media accounts as listed below. Thank you.

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